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Altruistic Informatics Consulting (AIC) consultants are known to deliver on high expectations. We’re the right team to join: our consultants are respected and treated as highly-qualified and vital assets to our success

We provide full disclosure of billing rates and employ an in-depth vetting process, and welcome professionals looking for a new start or to supplement their own business.

“I have worked with many consulting companies over the past 11 years. My standards are very high for who I’ll work with. Altruistic is on my ‘A’ list of companies because the ownership and staff are hard-working and conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner.”

Dan Barney

If you want to join our team, please forward a copy of your CV, in Word compatible format (please avoid use of tables and tabs) to

We hope you will be impressed with our professionalism, integrity, transparency and equitable rates.


“I’ve been an independent consultant for the better part of 13 years; the last 5 working mostly through AIC. Their honesty, straightforwardness and flexibility make them a great organization to work with. They understand that independent consultants are businesses and treat them as such. I have recommended them to a number of friends in the industry.”

– Richard Larocque

“… I have never regretted working through AIC. I know when I am asked to consider an opportunity precisely what a project is about, what my role is, who the stakeholders are and what the work environment will be like. AIC’s approach to full disclosure is truly refreshing. Projects are never misrepresented. The opportunities to be successful are always properly stated. Whenever I am approached by a prospective or previous client for my availability and interest in a project, one of my first questions is always, ‘will you work with AIC?’ More often than not, the answer is ‘yes’.”

– Richard Mayrand

Consultant staffing for:

  • Business Management
  • IT
  • Executive
  • Information Management
  • Enterprise Information Management